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Aerie Officers


Vice PresidentJEFF BAUMER

Jr. PWP - 

Treasurer -  BRYAN LITTLE

Secretary - ERIC BARNES 


Conductor - LARRY LEGORE

Inside Guard - CARY SHIRLEY

Outside Guard - KEN KUNTZ


Trustee - PETE BECK

 Trustee - FRED HESS



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      61 N. Fifth St.

      GETTYSBURG, PA, 17325

      Phone: (717) 334 5816

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Auxiliary Officers






















1. The Aerie reserves the right to refuse anyone admittance to the social quarters.


2. Visitors from other Aeries’ will be permitted entrance to the Buffet and Social Quarters upon presentation of their official receipt that they are a member in good standing, provided they are in good standing with this Aerie. Individuals who were rejected for membership by majority vote of the members in secret ballot are not considered to be in good standing with this Aerie.

3. An Aerie and/or Auxiliary member is permitted to sign in four guest per visit. Anyone sponsoring a guest will be responsible for that guest and the actions of the guest. With prior approval from the Board of trustees a member may sign in as many guests as they want for that day. No guest may remain after the member who sponsored him or her leaves the quarters.


4. All guests over 21 must be signed the guest book. All guests must wear a visitors tag at all times. The exception to this is a guest who is attending a catered event as specified in rule #5, need not be signed into the guest book.


5.   A guest may visit as many times as they want within 90 days of their first visit, except the spouse or companion of an Aerie or Auxiliary member may visit as many times as they wish while being accompanied by their spouse or companion.


6. Any Guest outside of a 50 mile radius maybe exempt from the above visit rule with special permission from the trustees of the Aerie. Former members are allowed 2 visits before having to rejoin. Once a former member has turned in a reenrolled application they can come in as a guest as many times they wish for up to 60 days.


7. All Members must have their official dues receipt with them to be admitted in the Aerie.   Members with a delinquent dues receipt card will not be permitted in the Aerie, except to pay their dues. Prior members, who have been dropped from membership, may be signed in as a guest twice. After their second visit they must fill out a “re-enrollment” application and they will not be allowed in the Aerie until they have been approved for membership.  


8. The Aerie shall maintain a strict “no check cashing policy” except for exact payment of dues.


9. No one under the age of 21 will be permitted in the Aerie unless they are the spouse of a member in good standing, or are attending an approved function for younger individuals. Spouses under 21 may not be seated at the Bar, but rather must be seated at tables or in the Banquet room with their other spouse who is a member.  


10. Individuals under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and are not permitted to sit at the bar. These individuals must be actually accompanied by and remain with their parent or guardian while in the Aeries. Special time restrictions also apply to individuals under 21 (other than spouses) and these restrictions will be posted separately.


11. Misconduct, including, profane, loud, boisterous language, conduct unbecoming an Eagle or destruction of property will not be tolerated. Any individual who willfully destroys or misappropriates Aerie property shall be required to make full restitution.


12. All must vacate the Aerie within 30 minutes of last call. Anyone refusing to leave the Aerie upon the request of the Steward, Manager, or Trustee, at any time will be in violation of the house rules and subject to disciplinary action by the Aerie.


13. The Club must supply food and beverages for the Banquet Hall unless the trustees give special permission to bring food in.


14. Section 63.2(C), statutes, F.O.E., will be strictly enforced. Offenses against the laws of the order shall include, but not limited to, “Any conduct unbecoming an Eagle”, any violation of House or Aerie rules, or personal conduct likely to bring disgrace upon the Order. 


15. Alcoholic beverages may not leave or be brought into the Aerie. Gambling is permitted only in accordance with state and local law.


16. Any member of the Aerie or Auxiliary whose continuous personal conduct is such as to bring the good reputation of Fraternal Order of Eagles #1562, into disrepute or to endanger our friendly relationship with PLCB or other enforcement officers, shall be subject to disciplinary actions.



Gettysburg Aerie No #1562 Fraternal order of Eagles, instituted by the Grand Aerie of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.


This Aerie was incorporated under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania on July 30, 1908



Section 1.1 The meetings of this Aerie shall be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the hour of 7:00 P.M.  The place of the meeting shall be 61 N. Fifth St. Gettysburg, Pa. 17325. The membership through motion and vote at the regular meeting may change or postpone a meeting due to conflict.


Section 1.2  Special meetings shall be held in conformity with Section 72.2 Statutes for Local Aeries, or Laws amendatory thereof.


                                         NOMINATION AND ELECTIONS


Section 2.1  The annual nomination, election and installation of Officers shall be as provided in Section 91.1 to 91.5, inclusive, Statutes, F.O.E., or Laws amendatory thereof.  Vacancies in office shall be filled as provided in Section 92.1, Statutes, F.O.E. or Laws amendatory Thereof.


Section 2.2  The office of Worthy Conductor shall be filled each year by Election Ballot.


Section 2.3 ELECTION OF AERIE OFFICERS.   The election of officers shall be by, PRINTED BALLOT.  The polls shall open at 11:00 A.M.  The polls shall close at 7:00 P.M.



Section 2.4 Tellers shall be appointed by Worthy President.  (Presiding Officer)


Section 2.5 The term of office of the Secretary of this Aerie shall be for 3 years.


Section 2.6 The term of office of the Treasurer of this Aerie shall be for 1 year.


Section 2.7 There shall be 3 elected Trustees, and they shall be elected for a term of 3 years each.


Section 2.7 (a) In addition to the 3 elected Trustees, the Junior Past Worthy President, while serving as such (shall) serve as a Statutory member of the Board of Trustees of this Aerie.



Section 2,7 (b)  In addition to the  3  elected Trustees, the Secretary of this Aerie, while serving as such, (shall) serve as a Statutory member of the Board of Trustees of this Aerie.


Section 2.8 An Elected Trustee may only serve two (2) consecutive terms.


Section 2.9 Any candidate for the office of Trustee must have served 3 years as an officer or is a

Past Worthy President.


Section 2.9 (a) Any Candidate for the office of President must have 2 years prior service as an officer.


2.9(B) Any officer that is required by state law to be named on any license will be subject to a PA State Police background check within one month of election. As long as the officer holds a position that is required to be named on a license, they will be subject to PA State Police background check yearly.


2.9 (C) Any officer that is required to have a background check, and fails to the point that the Aerie would lose their license, that officer shall pay for the background check and resign their office immediately.


                                              AERIE MEMBERSHIP


Section 3.1 The fee for membership by initiation shall be $15.00 + dues prorated to May 31st.


Section 3.2 The minimum age that members will be accepted in this Aerie will be 21 years of age on the date of initiation.


Section 3.5 Non-Beneficial Life Membership Cards (MAY NOT) be granted to members of this Aerie.


Section 3.6 The method used by this Aerie to accept all candidates for membership shall be elected by majority vote of those members present and voting by secret ballot.


Section 3.7 All Applications shall be presented to the members during Aerie meeting with the Required Fee before reference to the interviewing committee.


Section 3.8 Voting on candidates, approved by interviewing committee, will be voted on as a collective body,  Candidates found unfavorable will be voted on individually.




Section 4.1 The following funds are hereby established for this Aerie:

(a)  The Benefit Fund                                          (b) The General Fund

(c)  The Building and Maintenance Fund          (d) The Charity Fund


Section 4.3 By resolution the Aerie shall designate some banking institution in which each of the said funds shall be separately deposited.  Such deposits shall be made only in the name of the Aerie.



Section 5.1  Dues of Beneficial Members shall be $35.00 per year, payable in advance.

                    The Aerie will cease to enroll Beneficial members effective March 20, 2005


Section 5.2  Dues of Beneficial Members shall be divided annually among the various funds as follows:

(a)  Benefit Fund  $18.00 deposited at the rate of $18.00 per year.

(b)  General Fund $17.00 deposited at the rate of $17.00 per year.


Section 5.3 Dues of Non-Beneficial Members shall be $30.00 per year, payable in advance.


Section 5.4 Dues of Non-Beneficial Members shall be divided annually among the various funds as follows:

(a) Benefit Fund  $15.00 deposited at the rate of $15.00 per year.

(b) General fund $15.00 deposited at the rate of $15.00 per year.


Section 5.4 (a) Dues of Dual Members shall be $20.00 per year, payable in no event for a period longer than the period for which the member has paid his dues in advance in his original Local Aerie.


Section 5.4(b) Dual Membership dues will be deposited in the General Fund


Section 5.5 Any qualified member may make application for a "Golden Age Eagle" Membership.  As long as said member meets qualifications.


Section 5.6 All re-enrollment applications will be $15.00 as Non Beneficial.


                                                DUTIES OF OFFICERS


Section 6.2  Upon having received due notice of a member being in dire circumstances, the Worthy President may provide temporary financial aid to said member, not to exceed the sum of $ 0   to be paid from the    NO   Fund.


Section 6.5 Any officer maybe an employee of the Aerie except Trustee and Auditor.


Section 6.6 No immediate family member of a trustee may be employed by the Aerie.


Section 6.7  House Rules governing the premises and the conduct of members thereon shall be adopted by this Aerie, and such House Rules as adopted shall at all times be posted in a conspicuous place in the Aerie premises.  House Rules shall be adopted and amended in the same manner as the By-Laws of the Aerie.


Section 6.10   The Secretary of the Aerie shall not serve as the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of this Aerie.


Section 6.10A Adhering to Statute 85.12 inclusive, The Secretary shall have the power to appoint assistants to efficiently carry on the duties of his office.  The assistants so appointed shall be classified, insofar as this section of the Law is concerned, as employees of the Aerie, and shall give bond for the faithful performance of their duties, the premiums to be paid by the Aerie.  The Secretary shall also be responsible, on his bond for the faithful performance of the duties assigned to such assistants, and their compensation shall be paid by regular Aerie voucher check from the treasury of the Aerie, and provided the By-Laws of the Local Aerie so provide the compensation to the assistants shall not be charged against, and regularly deducted from the compensation of the Secretary.


Section 6.10B Pay for assistant to Secretary not to exceed $12.00 per hour.


                                                    DISABILITY BENEFITS


Section  7.1A  Every member having been initiated into this Aerie, prior to his having passed his 50th. birthday and paying the amount of dues as sent forth in Section 5.1 of these By-Laws and is otherwise qualified to receive sick and, or disability benefits, subject to all the provisions, limitations and provisions contained in Sections 115.1 to 115.6, inclusive, Statutes, F.O.E., or Laws amendatory thereof, which Sections above referred to are made a part hereof, shall receive as follows.

(a)  For the first week of his disability after notice to the Worthy President or Secretary, nothing.


(b)  At the rate of $9.00 per week for the next 12 weeks, should such disability so long continue.


                                                 FUNERAL BENEFITS

Section 8.1A  On the death of a member having been initiated into this Aerie prior to having passed his 50th. birthday and paying the amount of dues as set forth in Section 5.1 of these By-Laws, and entitled to funeral benefits, and subject to all the provisions, limitations and prohibitions contained in Section 115.3 to 115.6, inclusive, Statutes, F.O.E., or Laws amendatory thereof, which Sections above referred to are made a part hereof, the sum of  $200.00 shall be paid.


Section 8.2  On the death of a member, the Aerie shall provide a suitable floral or other form of tribute,  cost not to exceed the sum of  $50.00 to be paid from the General Fund. 



Section 9.1 For the faithful performance of their respective duties, the Worthy President and Worthy Vice-President shall each receive the sum of $30.00 per annum, payable   $30.00 Annually.


Section 9.2 For the faithful performance of his secretarial duties, the Secretary shall receive a per capita compensation, payable Monthly and based upon the number of members who are in good standing and who are not more than three months in arrears as follows, 75cents per month, per member. 


Section 9.3 For the faithful performance of his duties, the Treasurer shall receive $1,800.00 per annum, payable Monthly. (+ $30.00 annually)


Section 9.4  The salary of the Aerie Auditor and Aerie officers shall not be paid until such time as the duties required of them by the Laws of the Order and the By-Laws of this Aerie have been fulfilled, and all reports then due have been completed, presented and transmitted to those entitled to receive them.


Section 9.5  For the faithful performance of his and their duties, each Trustee shall receive $1,200.00 per annum, payable Monthly.  + $30.00 Annually.


Section 9.6  For the faithful performance of his duties as Secretary of the Board of Trustees, the Secretary of the Trustees shall receive the sum of $3,000.00  per year payable monthly.  +$30.00 Annually.


Section 9.7  For the faithful performance of their duties, the Aerie Auditor shall receive not in excess of  $2,400.00 per annum, payable Annually.  +$30.00 Annually.



Section 9.9 The salary of Aerie Employees shall be fixed by the Board of Trustees and not to exceed the maximum amounts shown below and work no more than 40 hrs per week. (Must meet all Minimum Wage Laws).


Manager and chief cook will be by contract approved by the members at a regular

scheduled meeting.


Steward's..................$16.00      Per. hour...............+$25.00 Annually

Janitor......................$16.00      Per. hour................+$25.00 Annually

Doorman..................$16.00      Per. hour................+$25.00 Annually

Kitchen Help............$16.00      Per. hour................+$25.00 Annually

Waitress...................$12.00       Per. hour................+$25.00 Annually              

Bar Back..................$16.00       Per. hour................+$25.00 Annuall


Section 9.10  Whenever the Aerie, by properly adopted motion on the floor of a regular membership may send the Jr. Past Worthy President and the Worthy Secretary to the Grand Aerie Convention. The accredited representive’s Will be allowed 5 nights hotel room, registration fees, banquet tickets, actual air fare to and from the convention by most direct route or if driving automobile actual gas receipts to and from convention as well as $300 for miscellaneous expenses.


Section 9.11 (State Convention) All delegates must tell the Secretary 30 days in advance how many nights they will be staying in the motel at the convention and what nights, Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday nights. Delegates will be given $150 expense money if the convention is over 100 miles from the Gettysburg Aerie and $75 if convention is closer than 100 miles from Gettysburg Aerie. You will only get this expense money if you attend the Friday morning and Saturday morning sessions. Not just a token show up. If you only attend one meeting you will only be given half for expenses. All delegates will be asked in advance if they want to go to any banquets or the prayer breakfast. If so the Aerie will pay for those tickets. Anyone who wants to attend the sessions whether as a delegate or a visitor the Aerie shall pay their registration fee.


Section 10.1  The Worthy President, Worthy Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and each Trustee and other employees of the Aerie who handle moneys of the Aerie shall be bonded by a "Name Position" Bond, to be purchased by the Aerie, in the amount and according to the following schedule:





                                            ANNUAL GROSS RECEIPTS

Classification Number

(1).......................under $10,000.00...........................amount of Bond $ 1,500.00

(2).......................under $20,000.00...........................amount of Bond $ 3,500.00

(3).......................under $40,000.00...........................amount of Bond $ 6,000.00

(4).......................under $60,000.00...........................amount of Bond $10,000.00

(5).......................         $60,000.00 and up................amount of Bond $13,500.00


Section 10.2  No officer or employee shall be permitted to assume or discharge the duties of his office or employment until bonded.




Section 13.1  In appreciation of services rendered by the retiring Worthy President, the Aerie may, by resolution adopted by the Aerie, present some suitable gratuity to the retiring Worthy President, at a cost not to exceed the sum of $1,500.00 to be paid from the General Fund.


Section 13.2  Where the Constitution and Statutes of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, and the Rules and Regulations of the Fraternity, and these By-Laws do not cover or control, then Roberts' Rules of Order, (revised) shall govern the actions and deliberations of this Aerie.


Section 13.3 The Aerie will allow Eagle Riders.


Section 13.4 The Aerie will be a smoking facility in accordance with state law.


                                           MILITARY SERVICE RECEIPT


Section 14.1  Upon a vote of the Aerie in regular meeting, there may be issued to any member in good standing, who is in the Military Service, a Military Service Receipt.  When such Receipt has been issued, such member, during his term of Military Service and for thirty  (30) days thereafter, shall not be obligated to pay dues to the Aerie but shall be carried on the rolls of the Aerie as a member in good standing.


Section 14.2 Beneficial Members holding Military Service Receipt shall be entitled to: No Disability or Funeral Benefits.


These Amendments were adopted as provided in section 122.2 Statutes FOE