Replacing Automotive Gaskets

As a rule, gaskets need to be changed as often as possible. In modern car services, the procedure for replacing gaskets is mandatory when repairing an engine. It is important to remember that all gaskets depend on the type of engine itself, and on the make of the car. As a rule, drivers must systematically replace the cylinder head gasket, engine oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, and manifold gasket.

According to many experts, it is very difficult to overestimate the importance and value of gaskets, because they are loyal assistants at a time when, for example, the cylinder head is leaking. All motorists are aware of the consequences of such a malfunction and each of them knows that failure after a while of the cylinder block itself will entail a very expensive overhaul, which will cost you much more than a normal gasket.

So what to do in order to enjoy all the delights of operating a car and forget about the breakdowns caused by gaskets that have long gone out of working condition, or simply got damaged? Very easy. The main thing to remember is three rather extraordinary rules. Firstly , you need to clearly remember that all gaskets are disposable, and can only be used once. Secondly , if you notice that the gasket is damaged, it must be urgently changed in order to protect yourself from the bitter consequences. And thirdly, one must always remember that when replacing a gasket, all auxiliary parts must be changed accordingly.

Now, let's take a more specific look at replacing gaskets for a specific purpose. Let's start by replacing the cylinder head gasket. As we have said, this gasket is installed at the junction of three engine systems, namely lubrication, cooling and gas distribution. Based on this, she daily suffers a lot of serious loads. Therefore, the reasons for the gasket vulnerability are pretty clear. It is important to know that no matter how high-quality and durable the gasket is, it will have to be changed sooner or later.

Automobile Remedy advise not to save on this business, because a cheap gasket can play a trick on you and in addition to a bad gasket you will get a faulty engine. The “feature” of the cylinder head gasket is that it is made of an elastic material, due to which the gasket fits perfectly on the sealing surfaces and, if necessary, easily restores its shape.

As practice proves, sometimes, depending on various reasons, you have to remove the cylinder head. In this case, the cylinder head gasket should also be replaced with a new one, since during various repairs, after the unit is removed, bed shrinkage necessarily occurs.

If we talk about the exhaust system, we must remember that the lack of tightness in this system can lead to the fact that there is a flow of exhaust gases directly into the atmosphere, bypassing the muffler. What are the consequences of this? Firstly, you will feel additional vibration and hear metal knocks. And secondly, people who are in the cabin can simply choke on the exhaust fumes. The price of such a malfunction is very high, so you should seriously think about replacing the gasket even if it is slightly damaged.